May 31, 2011

Flawless Flowers

This year I decided to start a small flower garden. I'm a fan of the flowers but not such a big fan of the dirt. I sucked it up though, got down on my knees, and planted some beautiful flowers. I was actually gonna write a bit about each flower but I'm not a gardening expert so I only ever talked about the colour of the flower. I'll put the name of each flower below the pic though.

These are gerbers.

These are marigolds.

These ones are called begonias.

The light purple ones inbetweed the pink flowers are impatiens.

I'll probably do another post about the begonias and impatiens at the end of the summer because they'll grow a bit and look better. This way you'll see the before and after.

May 29, 2011

Cherry's The Bomb

Normally when I take a picture with lip gloss and a fruit the idea always comes from the flavour of the gloss but this time it was all about the fruit. I've been eating cherries lately and I decided I needed to get a gloss coloured cherry so I was going to buy one today when I discovered I already owned one. The gloss is Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in the shade Cherry Bomb. I don't use this gloss that often because I find it really sticky but I like the colour and the sparkle of the gloss. I know a lot of people like this gloss but it's just not for me. 

May 27, 2011

Pretty Pages

This may sound strange but this post is going to be about notebooks because this past year I've found some really cute ones. Some of them seem like they were made for little kids but I think they're still pretty cute. 

I really like this journal mostly because each page has a design on it which makes it more interesting to write in. This one is actually my mom's but I am always admiring it and it's from Chronicle Books.

I think that this one is just really fun and cute but it also has a strong message that I believe in and it's from Peta.

These really cute notebooks are from Ecojot and a percentage of money from the purchase goes to the Jane Goodall Institute. 

What would a notebook be without something to write with and one of my fave things to write with is a Sharpie. This Christmas I was gives a 24 pack with really nice colours that I didn't even know existed.

May 25, 2011

Smoothes It All Out

Waking up to go to school in the morning is hard enough but it's even harder if, when you get there, you have to jump into a cold pool and go swimming. So twice a week at school I have to go swimming. Every time the chlorine takes control of my hair by tangling it and with at the most only 10 minutes to get changed it can be quite a problem. But a few years back I found a product that somewhat helped tame my already too tangly hair. The product that helps is Joico's Daily Care Leave-In Detangler for all hair types. This products is great because you spray it on like hairspray, you never have to wash it out, and it gives your hair a nice shine without making your hair heavy. I have also been using their Daily Care Balancing Shampoo and Daily Care Conditioner for as long as I can remember. The conditioner makes my hair sort of oily so I've started using other ones. The shampoo is nothing special but it gets it's job done.

May 23, 2011

Long Live

(Picture from The Body Shop's website.)

(This is my well-used one.)
I'm sorta running low on good glosses to blog about so I dug around in my makeup bag ( it actually only has gloss in it) and I found a well used gloss balm from The Body Shop. This gloss is from their Born Lippy collection and is raspberry flavoured. They call it a balm but it has a bit of colour and shine so I consider it a gloss. This gloss contains natural bee's wax which is supposed to moisturize your lips but this gloss sometimes dries mine. So it may have it's flaws but I've definitely gotten good use out of it. 

May 21, 2011

What's Inside My Purse

I've been watching some YouTube videos called "What's Inside My Purse" lately. Some could look at those and think who cares but I think it helps tell you if you have to much inside your purse. I also have to say that there are weirder videos out there than what's inside my purse. So here is the video, hope you enjoy!

A couple of the things I showed I've blogged about so here are the links to some of posts about the products.

Hope you enjoyed!

May 19, 2011

Satisfaction In Simple

In this world there can never just be something simple. Like really when was the last time that you saw an add for a lip product where it just moisturized and normally the ones that only moisturize don't get any attention. So I'm here to shed some light on simple lip balms. One that I've really like lately is Exact's Fruit Flavours Lip Balm is comes in a pack with 3 flavours which are melon, berry, and tropical fruit (melon is my fave). It also contains SPF 15. That sorta goes against the whole simple thing but I think the moisturizing and sun protection a the basics of great lips. 

May 17, 2011

Like Raindrops On Roses

You know how in the Sound Of Music they sing about how rain drops on roses are some of their favourite things? Well these are some of my favourite things. ( It wouldn't sound good in a song though.) I know some people couldn't care less about what I think is cool but I decided to do a post about different YouTube channels, blogs, websites, and apps that I like because if you like my blog you'll probably like these.

First I want to tell you about my fave YouTube channel which my cousin recommended to me and it's called Megan Hearts Makeup. On her channel she does hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, and videos about clothing. A couple other channels I like are Christina Grimme and Tiffany Alvord who are both singers. 
(Christina Grimme and Tiffany Alvord)

(Megan from Megan Hearts Makeup)

I really like the blogs May Loves Makeup, (which I talked about before) and Sea Of Shoes. Sea Of Shoes is a really well put together fashion blog.
(An image from the site Sea Of Shoes)

My alltime favourite website is Teen Vogue because not only do they cover style and beauty news they also cover celebrity gossip.

I don't actually have that many apps on my i-Pod but out of the few my favourites are RunKeeper which  tracks your runs, Pocketbooth which just takes pics like you're in a photobooth, and Nike Training

I hope that after checking out some of the things that I posted about you  found something that you liked.
By the way if you click on the name of something I posted about you will be taken to that website.

May 16, 2011

Does The Trick

You would probably assume that when someone spends their free time writing a blog about lip products they wouldn't have dry lips but it's weird because I do. Whenever I have dry lips I usually apply The Body Shop's Aloe Lip Care for sensitive skin. It has a Vaseline like texture and as a light scent. (I'm not sure what the scent is but is smells sorta like a flower garden.) It makes your lips moist and gives them a flawless shiny glow. I find that sometimes The Body Shop's lip products dry out your lips put this one doesn't. The only thing about this product is that the tube is a bit big so it looks weird in your pocket but it totally does the trick.

May 14, 2011

Paint & Peel Isn't Real

So I got this nail polish by Sula called Paint & Peel and I was really excited because it says you can just peel it off. I apply it and I don't really like the colour (it's in the colour Ruby) and I try to peel it off but it doesn't come off. I finally give up peeling and take it off with nail polish remover. The nail polish went on really well though and the peeling idea is cool.(If it worked.) The bottle it comes in is cute and the polish doesn't seem to smell as much as some other ones do. It has some perks but none the less you can't call a polish Paint & Peel if it doesn't peel. 

May 13, 2011

Speak Now And Strum

I play guitar and I always end up losing my guitar picks but I plan to be keeping a close watch on these Taylor Swift Speak Now inspired ones.  I got these off of Taylor’s website and really like them. There are 6 of them and they come in a slidable tin. My favourite is the one with her signature heart symbol on it. By the way I wanted to post this yesterday but Blogger was adding things to their site so it was on read only mode.

May 10, 2011

Peachy Paradise

Recently I was given Klean Color's Wizard Pads which are little peach scented pads that remove nail polish and moisturize your cuticles. I find that it really moisturizes but doesn't remove polish that well. So first I remove polish with Exact's regular nail polish remover then I moisturize with the pads. It's actually really good to moisturize because nail polish dries out your nails. I was also was just introduced to Klean Color and while I was checking out their website I noticed that they had some really interesting lip glosses that I plan to check out. So you might think that nail polish remover isn't important but I personally think it is because I don't think there was ever a time when chipped nails were in. 

May 8, 2011

Flowers And Glossy Finishes

I am just loving all the flowers that are out and it's not just because it's mother's day it's because of the beautifully warm weather. I really like this yellow flower bush in my back yard because it's so bright. Not only are the flowers bright so is this Quo lip gloss. This lip gloss really adds colour to your lips and for some reason seems to smell like waffles. This one is in the colour of "Babe". The only thing I don't like about this gloss is that the brush is more like a paint brush so it's really hard to apply but you can always buy an application brush. I don't really know the brand Quo because they don't seem to have a website but none the less it's a great gloss.

May 6, 2011

Mix And Match

Emery boards and nail filers have never really been my thing because they usually wreck my nails but these Avon ones don't seem to. They're each 11cm long and come in a cute striped matchbook. I also really like the design on the board itself. Normally people don't put stripes and polka dots together but this for some reason works. They work good enough but I'm not really one to judge because I'm the kind of person that makes my nail crack with them. I also think that they're the right size to fit inside your purse they would probably also be great for traveling. Sometime soon I'll be blogging about a cool new nail polish and a really neat nail polish remover. So I guess this is part 1. ( I know I'll be blogging a lot about nails so I'll put some other stuff in between.)

May 4, 2011

Coral Coolness

I love this season's nail polish colours because they're all corals. I love how most corals go with a lot and they also brighten up an outfit. The coral colour I bought for this coming summer is "Jade" by Revlon. This nail polish is in Revlon's Top Speed line but I found that it took a really long time to dry and that was because I think the polish was a bit runny. None the less I love this colour and plan to wear it a lot. I also find that this polish looks amazing with gold. So whether this summer you plan to be walking on the beaches or partying in the city this polish is right for you.

May 2, 2011

Sweet As Sugar

I laughed to myself because there I was standing in my kitchen with a tube of lip gloss in a bowl of sugar and I was taking pictures of it. Besides the fact that that is really weird the lip gloss is Maybelline's Shine Sensational lip gloss. ( I know I've blogged about these a lot but this should be the last one for awhile.) This colour is called Treat Me Sweet and on the lips it appears as just a shine so I wouldn't get it if your looking for a lot of colour. So this isn't my fave gloss but it's still pretty sweet. ( Sorry, that line was really cheesy.)

May 1, 2011

Will Cook For Shoes

 I really like to bake but I like looking good while I do it and my apron from Domisyle (which is a store) does the trick. I just love the style of my apron and the slogan that comes with it which is "Will cook for shoes". 

(The polka dots rock!)

(This picture doesn't really capture the apron so you
 can check it out at their website
Besides the fact that I have a cool apron I also made some pretty good cookies. They were oatmeal chocolate chip and I got the recipe form the cook book "Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar". I love this book because I'm pretty much vegan at home and vegetarian when I go out to eat. So while using this book  I never have to worry about substituting for anything.