May 25, 2011

Smoothes It All Out

Waking up to go to school in the morning is hard enough but it's even harder if, when you get there, you have to jump into a cold pool and go swimming. So twice a week at school I have to go swimming. Every time the chlorine takes control of my hair by tangling it and with at the most only 10 minutes to get changed it can be quite a problem. But a few years back I found a product that somewhat helped tame my already too tangly hair. The product that helps is Joico's Daily Care Leave-In Detangler for all hair types. This products is great because you spray it on like hairspray, you never have to wash it out, and it gives your hair a nice shine without making your hair heavy. I have also been using their Daily Care Balancing Shampoo and Daily Care Conditioner for as long as I can remember. The conditioner makes my hair sort of oily so I've started using other ones. The shampoo is nothing special but it gets it's job done.

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Chantelle said...

Ahhh my mother is a hairstylist and has had me using Joico products since I was a tiny tot. The detangler is magic.