May 17, 2011

Like Raindrops On Roses

You know how in the Sound Of Music they sing about how rain drops on roses are some of their favourite things? Well these are some of my favourite things. ( It wouldn't sound good in a song though.) I know some people couldn't care less about what I think is cool but I decided to do a post about different YouTube channels, blogs, websites, and apps that I like because if you like my blog you'll probably like these.

First I want to tell you about my fave YouTube channel which my cousin recommended to me and it's called Megan Hearts Makeup. On her channel she does hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, and videos about clothing. A couple other channels I like are Christina Grimme and Tiffany Alvord who are both singers. 
(Christina Grimme and Tiffany Alvord)

(Megan from Megan Hearts Makeup)

I really like the blogs May Loves Makeup, (which I talked about before) and Sea Of Shoes. Sea Of Shoes is a really well put together fashion blog.
(An image from the site Sea Of Shoes)

My alltime favourite website is Teen Vogue because not only do they cover style and beauty news they also cover celebrity gossip.

I don't actually have that many apps on my i-Pod but out of the few my favourites are RunKeeper which  tracks your runs, Pocketbooth which just takes pics like you're in a photobooth, and Nike Training

I hope that after checking out some of the things that I posted about you  found something that you liked.
By the way if you click on the name of something I posted about you will be taken to that website.

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