May 8, 2011

Flowers And Glossy Finishes

I am just loving all the flowers that are out and it's not just because it's mother's day it's because of the beautifully warm weather. I really like this yellow flower bush in my back yard because it's so bright. Not only are the flowers bright so is this Quo lip gloss. This lip gloss really adds colour to your lips and for some reason seems to smell like waffles. This one is in the colour of "Babe". The only thing I don't like about this gloss is that the brush is more like a paint brush so it's really hard to apply but you can always buy an application brush. I don't really know the brand Quo because they don't seem to have a website but none the less it's a great gloss.

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Linda said...

WOW! I love how spring has sprung in your blog. The upbeat feel is great!