May 27, 2011

Pretty Pages

This may sound strange but this post is going to be about notebooks because this past year I've found some really cute ones. Some of them seem like they were made for little kids but I think they're still pretty cute. 

I really like this journal mostly because each page has a design on it which makes it more interesting to write in. This one is actually my mom's but I am always admiring it and it's from Chronicle Books.

I think that this one is just really fun and cute but it also has a strong message that I believe in and it's from Peta.

These really cute notebooks are from Ecojot and a percentage of money from the purchase goes to the Jane Goodall Institute. 

What would a notebook be without something to write with and one of my fave things to write with is a Sharpie. This Christmas I was gives a 24 pack with really nice colours that I didn't even know existed.

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