Apr 28, 2012

Arm Candy Part 1

A goal I have for this summer is to wear a lot of bracelets, I know this has been a trend for a while but I just never got into it. I've started figuring out how I'm going to wear my bracelets early so I'm prepared. 
In the first picture I'm wearing a bracelet from Taylor Swift's Fearless concert and a beaded bracelet from the organization Me to We as well a ring from Aldo. In the second picture I'm wearing a few homemade friendship bracelets and another bracelet from a gift shop. 
These are pretty basic but I'm just getting started.

Apr 25, 2012


I finally decided it was time to buy a vanity because by desk was overloaded with lip gloss and things that really aren't meant to be kept in a desk. I had a lot of fun arranging things to my liking and making room on my desk for things like notebooks and other useful desk items. So here it is.

My vanity is from IKEA and it's called the Malm, it feels really weired to say. The mirror is from IKEA as well.  I'm really excited that I can put collages under the glass I think I'm going to try and change the pictures every month to switch it up bit.

Apr 20, 2012

Tres Belle

I'd love to travel to Paris but for right now I'll have to settle for wearing the Eiffel Tower. This adorable necklace and ring set is from a store called Over The Rainbow and I absolutely love them. It's a great necklace because the charm isn't too big so it doesn't stick out and I've never seen any other ring like that one. J'aime le collier et le bague tres beacoup!

Apr 16, 2012

Sunglasses With Studs

These are pretty basic aviator sunglasses but the stud detailing makes them different and unique. I don't have that much to say other than they're from Joe Fresh and now I need to buy a sunglasses case so I don't break them.

Apr 13, 2012

Super Useful & Cute

Keeping all your studs in a little card bored box isn't really that convenient, so when I got this earring holder I was super excited. It's from Urban Outfitters and I'm pretty sure it would hold more that 100 earrings. Besides being super useful it's also really cute.

Apr 11, 2012

Fresh Lip Treatments

I'm signed up as a beauty insider with Sephora and I was really excited when I got an e-mail saying I could go to the store and pick up my birthday gift. I was actually a bit sceptical thinking I would have to purchase something to get the gift, but I didn't. 
I got these two mini size Fresh lip treatments. The one called sugar is a clear lip balm and the other one is a tinted lip balm. They both work really well and they both have SPF however I find they smell more like lemons than roses. But when life gives you lemons . . . I was trying to think of something to add but I really can't thing of anything that sounds good.

Apr 9, 2012

Life In Mint Green

I thought I'd show you pin wheels from my birthday cake in a vase (an empty soda bottle) because I think it looks really cool. They're like flowers except you don't have to tend for them. Now on to the M&M's. This is a pack of mint M&M's I got for Easter and I'm a quite excited to eat them! 
Reading this over I realize the subjects are quite different so sorry for the randomist.

Apr 6, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter weekend! To celebrate Easter I made these chocolate cookies. I'm very proud of myself because it's the fist time I've used icing and it didn't go everywhere. I thought they turned out really well. To make things even better I saw a wild bunny (wild bunny sound really weird). I think it must be good luck to see a bunny on Easter!

Apr 4, 2012

I Finally Did Nail Art!

(Try to ignore the weird discolouration on my thumb.)

I finally did it, I accomplished nail art! I'm aware it looks really simple but it was quite complicated. So I based it off this nail tutorial on YouTube (click here if you want to watch). I first applied Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac then with a Q-Tip I applied Nicole by O.P.I's Positive Energy. To finish it off I applied a top coat by Sula. I also came to a conclusion that before you start doing nail art make sure you can open the nail polish bottle you want to use next because I couldn't get some open so I had to change which colour I was going to use. Then again, maybe that's just my weak self.

Apr 1, 2012

Changing My Ways

Shoe shopping is something that I have disliked for a while. I used to have a frustration with seeing around $75 going to one pair of shoes, I would much rather just buy a few tops. But I want to change my ways. 
No I'm not gonna start riding my bike instead of taking the bus, I'm not going to start being a really affectionate person, I'm gonna buy more shoes! 
Shoes are actually a practical thing to buy because they are something you have to wear every day. It's especially good if you buy shoes like Toms because they donate a pair of shoes to someone who needs them. Below are 2 pairs of really pretty shoes that I could not walk in but are fun to look at.

I was attracted to these YSL shoes because of the mint green.

I love these ones because they just look so sophisticated! 

These shoes by Steve Madden are practical, I could actually walk in them, and they're really cute.