Feb 26, 2013

Revamping The Mason Jar

This idea seems kind of too simplistic now that I think about it but it adds nice detail. I wanted to put my hair ties in a jar but I didn't want all of the colours to show through so I wrapped ribbon/lace around it. You could glue the beginning and end to the jar. I simply taped it and turned that side to face the wall. Super easy, but it adds a nice touch to an otherwise plain jar.

Feb 23, 2013

The Rocket!

This is Maybelline's Rocket mascara. So far in 2013 it has been my favourite purchase because it works so well. The first time I put it on I was concerned my lashes looked freakishly long. After asking a couple of people the verdict is that they weren't. None the less this mascara is great. It doesn't smudge, lasts all day, and has great packaging. I think something about the brush makes the application good because it's never clumpy. I definitely think this is better than the Falsies mascara by Maybelline. Mainly it's my favourite because the product's claims are actually full filled. 

Feb 21, 2013

The Blue Room Project

When I saw this comforter I instantly fell in love in with it. I bought it at Walmart which is not exactly a magical  place to fall in love. Ever since I bought it I've been finding ways to accent my room with this colour without spending a lot of money, so here are a couple of my ideas!

I got a paint strip from a hardware store and put it in a ¢99 frame from IKEA. It's not exactly a piece of art but it's a lot cheaper and takes less commitment than actually painting your room. If you feel like being more artistic simply write your favourite quote on the paint chip.

I found a pattern online that is extremely similar to the comforter. To personalize use Photoshop or a similar program to adjust the colour. This could be done to any photo you desire and is actually pretty simple. The large frame makes the pattern more noticeable in a room. 

I hope some of these ideas were useful! 

Feb 12, 2013

Valentine's Baking Ideas

Valentine's Baking Ideas
(links to the images sources can be found here)
Valentine's is probably the ultimate day of sweets and love of course. So what better way to show some love than to bake for people. Here are some awesome ideas I found on Pinterest that seem easy enough but have an awesome outcome. For Valentine's Day I definitely plan to try out baking at least on of these treats!

Feb 10, 2013

January In Instagram

I talk about the pictures clockwise starting from  the top left.
1. There was a huge snowstorm just a couple days ago. So I actually had to wear my winter boots which did not make me happy because I am really not a winter clothing person.
2. I started reading "Paper Towns" by John Green. I'm only half way through but I definitely recommend it.
3. Today I painted hearts on to an old pair of leggings. It worked out really well and definitely plan to wear them on Valentine's day. 
4. I've started occasionally wearing collared tops under sweaters. It's definitely a more preppy look but I think it's neat. 

Feb 1, 2013

Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine

This is my current skin care routine specifically for my acne prone skin. I've been using this combination of products for about three weeks and it helps. Below is what I do with each product.
1. In the morning  I wash my face then apply Spectro's moisturizer and The Body Shop's eye cream. These to products also both help make it easier to apply concealer.
2. In the evening I wash my face with Clinique's cleanser. Sometimes I use Spectro's spot treatment but it tends to dry out my face so mostly I avoid it.
3. After a workout I use Oxy's medicate acne pads to make sure all the oil get completely off of my face.