Feb 21, 2013

The Blue Room Project

When I saw this comforter I instantly fell in love in with it. I bought it at Walmart which is not exactly a magical  place to fall in love. Ever since I bought it I've been finding ways to accent my room with this colour without spending a lot of money, so here are a couple of my ideas!

I got a paint strip from a hardware store and put it in a ¢99 frame from IKEA. It's not exactly a piece of art but it's a lot cheaper and takes less commitment than actually painting your room. If you feel like being more artistic simply write your favourite quote on the paint chip.

I found a pattern online that is extremely similar to the comforter. To personalize use Photoshop or a similar program to adjust the colour. This could be done to any photo you desire and is actually pretty simple. The large frame makes the pattern more noticeable in a room. 

I hope some of these ideas were useful! 

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