Apr 1, 2012

Changing My Ways

Shoe shopping is something that I have disliked for a while. I used to have a frustration with seeing around $75 going to one pair of shoes, I would much rather just buy a few tops. But I want to change my ways. 
No I'm not gonna start riding my bike instead of taking the bus, I'm not going to start being a really affectionate person, I'm gonna buy more shoes! 
Shoes are actually a practical thing to buy because they are something you have to wear every day. It's especially good if you buy shoes like Toms because they donate a pair of shoes to someone who needs them. Below are 2 pairs of really pretty shoes that I could not walk in but are fun to look at.

I was attracted to these YSL shoes because of the mint green.

I love these ones because they just look so sophisticated! 

These shoes by Steve Madden are practical, I could actually walk in them, and they're really cute.

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