May 6, 2011

Mix And Match

Emery boards and nail filers have never really been my thing because they usually wreck my nails but these Avon ones don't seem to. They're each 11cm long and come in a cute striped matchbook. I also really like the design on the board itself. Normally people don't put stripes and polka dots together but this for some reason works. They work good enough but I'm not really one to judge because I'm the kind of person that makes my nail crack with them. I also think that they're the right size to fit inside your purse they would probably also be great for traveling. Sometime soon I'll be blogging about a cool new nail polish and a really neat nail polish remover. So I guess this is part 1. ( I know I'll be blogging a lot about nails so I'll put some other stuff in between.)

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dfinlay said...

I am always looking for the best kind of nail file or emery board. I don't have much luck with nail files but find emery boards work well to keep my nails in good shape.