Apr 23, 2011

Spring's Steps

This winter I lived in Ugg's and black boots so I needed to update my shoes for spring so I got Keds. Some people think that Keds aren't so stylish but I think they're pretty good because they make my feet look smaller unlike Converse which make my feet look really long. I got mine in a dark grey 'cause I find that colour is nicer for spring than black but doesn't over due it and they also go with a lot. While I was shopping I also tried on Toms. I love the idea that you buy a pair and then they give a pair of shoes to someone in need. On me they didn't look so good but if they look good on you I think they're a really good choice. 

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n.l.hazard said...

I like this entry and I love the new opening screen! More,more,more!