Apr 9, 2011

The Future Is Blue and Shiny

You know what would be a cool job, getting to name the colour of nail polish. It would probably be really fun 'cause anything sorta goes. For example I have a polish called "Guchi Muchi Puchi". The name makes it  really weird when someone asks you what colour you're wearing 'cause you have to reply with that. So after I got that I'm always expecting something really strange but when I got this blue sparkly Nicole by O.P.I. polish the name was completely normal. It was called "Rich In Spirit" which is nice but not out of the ordinary. I would have called it something like "Blue Robot" or "The Future Is Blue". None the less it's an extraordinary polish because the colour is great and it goes on really well which probably has something to do with the new perfect stroke brush they added to this polish. So the name might not be out of this world but the rest of it really is.

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