Sep 1, 2011

Working For A While

Spectro Acne Care Vanishing Lotion For Sensitive Skin was the first skin care product I ever bought and I have now been using it for quite a while. It comes out as a white cream and then when you rub it on with your fingers it absorbs. I've found that you have to rub it in really well or else it leaves white marks on your face. It says you should apply it twice daily but I only apply it once before bed after I wash my face. This cream contains benzoyl peroxide which kills acne pimples and can also be worn under make up. I think that it works pretty well, it doesn't work right away but I think if you have problem spots and you apply it regularly it will definitely help clear and prevent acne.

When I first bought this cream I was looking for something to cover up my acne (which this cream does not do) but I guess it worked out because this helped get rid of my acne so I don't have to cover it up.

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