Sep 24, 2011

Red And Crackling

I've heard a lot about these crackle nail polishes and today I finally tried them out. My little sister wants to dress up as a vampire for Halloween so she got some crackle nail polish. She was gonna get black but there wasn't any at Shoppers so she just got the red. My sister never normally wears nail polish so after Halloween it's officially mine. I decided to test it out for her before then though and I think it's so cool. 

This crackle nail polish is Nicole by O.P.I and is part of their Texture line. It isn't marketed as crackle but it's the same thing. Normally Nicole has really cool names for their colours but this one is just called Red Texture.

First I applied the silver colour Positive Energy and then after it dried I applied the texture coat. It's an easy way to get a great looking nail but you have to remember to put the texture on without overlapping it 'cause then it doesn't work as well.

P.S. I took all these pictures with wet nails and didn't chip them.

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