Sep 27, 2011

Pepsi And Packaging

I don't like Pepsi so I don't really like the flavour of this balm but I think the packaging is pretty cool. This moisturizes really well and gives your lips a bit of a glow. As I said before, it's flavoured Pepsi but it's specifically flavoured Pepsi Wild Cherry. I'm pretty sure this is from Claire's which always has cool flavoured lip products. 


tub resurfacing long island said...

I haven't tried this flavor.It hasn't been introduced in our area.I guess its packing attractive.I hope it turns out like the conventional one.

roof repair new jersey said...

I have never tried this flavor but i like cherry flavor in shake so i hope it's flavor in Pepsi is also good.

garage liability insurance said...

This is very unique and i never taste this flavor of Pepsi buy due to the Pepsi reputation it must be great as the Pepsi cola.