Jun 3, 2011

Food Critic For A Day

I came home from school today to find that there was a Dufflet's chocolate cake in my fridge and what better way to start off the weekend than cake. I think I'll take this cake as a opportunity to be a food critic because I've always thought is would be really cool to be one. 

Just to let you know I thought the cake itself wouldn't actually look that good in a picture so I added the blue flowers in the centre. I took them off before I ate it though because I don't think they're edible.
So the cake I had was a Dufflet's Chocolate Mom's Cake. It was really rich and tasted like a big brownie. The icing on it was also really good because it wasn't fake and over-sweetened, it tasted like pure chocolate. I also found this cake tasted good with strawberries on the side because it complements the chocolate well. Over all I'd give this cake a 4 star. That's only because the cake was a bit heavy and it didn't have the greatest look. 

 Now I've lived out my dream of being a food critic and have a very full stomach.  

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