Jun 24, 2011

Camping and It's Beauties

This past week I spent camping! I spent some good times on the beach, on the trails, and under the sun. The only real problem for me was that there was no WIFI so I felt totally isolated and I missed the MMVA's. 

A product that I used a lot while I was camping was Spectros Acne Pads. These were really good because they take all the oil off of your face which prevents acne but you don't have to wash your face. This was great for me because I would've had to walk 5 minutes to go to a bathroom to wash my face. They don't have a strong scent like other facial pads I've tried.

 I also used Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen when I went to the beach because it has SPF 60. I know I have posted about it before but I thought I'd share that when I went swimming I dunked my head and my sister started laughing at me because I had white goo running down my face. So much for the sun screen being water proof. Besides that I had a good week.

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