Feb 14, 2011

Two Is Better Than One

It's Valentine's Day which means it's the ultimate day of love and also in my opinion, lip gloss. The reason being that if you're lucky enough to be going out on a date there is a pretty good chance you're gonna be wearing lip gloss and if you're not wearing lip gloss you'll probably be wearing lip balm or lipstick. 
Since on Valentine's Day two is always better that one this lip gloss by CoverGirl is perfect because it has 2 steps. The first step is a colour gloss and the second step is a clear gloss to go on top of the colour. This lip gloss is amazing the first time you use it but the second time you use it it will make your lips peel. Also I've    read that you can use lip gloss as an eye shadow but my advice isuf
 don't even dare try that with this one it will make your eye swell and turn red. ( I speak from an ugly experience. ) 

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 

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