Feb 27, 2011

I Don't Do Vintage

(Scary store window)
 I thought I should try vintage shopping so I decided to go to a vintage store called I Miss You. I Miss You sells mostly designer vintage clothing. It was cool but I didn't buy anything. As I continued to shop I saw two stores that scared me to death. The first one I saw was vintage, the stuff in the store reminded me of the stuff I would find in my grandmother's attic. The store sold stuff like weird cat statues, old shoes, and typewriters. The store that really scared me had half-dressed barbies and Yoda in their window. I didn't even bother going in! Then I found myself in a bakery/deli that had everything from macaroons to Advil. I came to the  conclusion that I don't like vintage shopping so I called it a day, went home and put on my good new Holister tee.

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