Aug 5, 2012

Summer Skin Care

These are a few of my favourite summer skin care products. 
The Ombrelle sunscreen is especially made for the face so the texture is great but you can also use it on the rest of your body too. This is good 'cause then you never have to feel greasy. 
Aloe Caring Body Balm by The Body Shop is probably my favourite. It heals sunburns because of the aloe!  My sister used it when she got a bad sunburn and said that it cooled it and helped heal it.
Spectro's moisturizer for acne prone skin is a product I only just started using this month. I love it because like the Ombrelle sunscreen there is no oily residue left behind and it treats acne. I enjoy using this after I swim in a pool 'cause chemicals in pools tend to dry out my face.

My pets seemed to be quite interested in these products too.

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