Nov 21, 2011

No Snowflake Is Like The Other

I watched this snowflake nail tutorial on YouTube and I thought it looked so cool. It was on the beauty guru's channel Macbarbie07. I decided to try it out. 

It doesn't look amazing but I think it still looks pretty cool because realistically no snowflake is the same.

To do this I used the polishs "Teal The Cows Come Home" by O.P.I (for the base colour), "Rich In Spirit" (for a glittery base colour), and "Positive Energy" (for the snowflakes) both by Nicole by O.P.I.
In the video she used a thin nail brush to create the snowflakes but I just used a thin paint brush and it worked alright but I don't think the paint brush will be usable again.
If you want to try and create this nail look you can watch the video here.

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