Aug 28, 2011

Jewelry For Fun

When I was in Nova Scotia I couldn’t help but do some shopping. I went to this store called Amos Pewter which is a store that makes jewelry and such out of pewter (pewter is a metal of some sort).  I picked up the necklace at the actual store where they make the jewelry and boy, does Nova Scotia have nice buildings. 
I mean look at this.

How many houses have you seen that are purple and blue? I actually bought the earrings at an Amos Pewter display at the airport on the day I was leaving.
I really like the necklace because it looks so delicate and pretty. I haven’t put the earring in yet but I bet they’ll look good. I also think that this jewelry is perfect for wearing to the beach but with summer coming to a close soon I’ll be in school. Then wearing it will be a memory of when I was having fun.

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