Aug 1, 2011

All Things Sweet

Jam packed days are always fun but you need something to give you a bit of extra energy to last through swimming, shopping, and then midnight manicures (I used Pansy by Essie which is a really nice colour). I find that cupcakes do just the trick especially when they're cute. Which these pie inspired ones definitely are. 

 My cousins and I found this idea in a book called What's New, Cupcake? by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. One of my cousins showed it to me yesterday and I'm already in love with the book because of all the amazing ideas. Making the cupcakes was fun because we used 3 packs of M&M's and there were lots of leftovers (yum). 

'Cause it's Monday I also thought I'd post about a lip product. 

This lip balm in by Lip Smacker and is in the flavour Cotton Candy which I though suited this post well because so far it's been about sweet treats. This balm moisturizes your lips but also gives them a somewhat shiny finish. Hope you enjoyed.

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