Jul 16, 2011

Taylor Swift Speaks Now

Last night I attended the Taylor Swift Speak Now Concert. I thought it was amazing! There were more than 5 costume changes, bungee jumpers coming out of bells (no lie), fireworks, glitter falling from the sky, and of course Taylor sang wonderfully. My favourite part was when she did a tribute to Canadian music and sang "Baby" by Justin Bieber.

Here is a video of a few clips from her concert.
BTW The sound isn't the best 'cause everyone was screaming and singing along .

 At the concert I only actually spent $5 dollars by purchasing a Speak Now bracelet. 

The concert was sponsored by CoverGirl so they were handing out free lip glosses but I'll blog about those in the days to come. Speaking of beauty products and such have you heard about Taylor's new perfume called Wonderstruck. I don't wear perfume but I might just buy it for the really cute bottle.

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