Jul 4, 2011

Oh My Gloss

(My dog doesn't really pose well for pictures)

This balm is by Lip Smacker and is in the flavour Kiwi Berry Crush. It's just your basic balm except that you can attach to a belt loop, purse strap, or key chain. There are actually to variations of this balm, one has SPF and the one I have doesn't. The day I got it I actually wore it on my belt loop (which probably looked weird) and little did I know that while I was watching TV on the couch my dog chewed the balm. It looked really bad, was unusable, and of course had dog slobber all over it. I think the term OMG could be used in this situation as in Oh My Gloss!

P.S. After putting together this entire post I realized I'd blogged about this balm before. when I blogged about how I had 3 glosses with kiwi in them. Oops, I thought I'd post it any way 'cause it's different from the other post I did.

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