Mar 17, 2011

March Break Magazines

(About Half Of My Teen Vogue Collection)

(The Magazines M and People Style Watch)

Yesterday I bought some magazines, I got People Style Watch and M but normally I just get Teen Vogue. Not only do I have the latest issues of Teen Vogue I also have lots of issues as far back as 2003 complementary of a Christmas present from my mom. So I really needed to mix it up a bit! People Style Watch is cool it's mostly just about celebrity's style and M is a celeb gossip magazine it's not the best but lets you know what's up. While I was browsing at a book store today I saw a new magazine/book called Paris Vogue Collections Issue 11. This one shows images of the Spring-Summer 2011 runways shows from Milan, London, New York, and Paris which is where I've always dreamed of going. 

Just to let you know I've put my blog on bloglovin' which is an awesome site where you can find blogs about everything from beauty to humor and you can follow them all on just 1site. It's also easier to make an account on that site so here is the link if you would like to follow my blog. 

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