Jan 4, 2013

December in Instagram

Instagram (a photography app) makes pictures taken with an iPod (which are normally really bad quality) look super nice. These are moments from my December where I didn't bother to get out my camera but got out my iPod instead. 

(starting bottom left and going clockwise)
1. I applied studs to my iPod simply using a hot glue gun and suprisingly it turned out really well.
2. I got Urban Decay's Naked palette for Christmas which I was extremely excited about. The colours are super pigmented and the primer makes a huge difference.
3. I baked cherry pie for New Year's Eve, it was the best looking pie I ever made but I didn't actually like the filling very much. 
3. Finally organized my book shelf by colour coating the books. I found the idea in this video here. I absolutely adore the was it looks!

I hope you had a great December and hope you have a great 2013!

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