Jan 16, 2011

First Impressions

In this blog called
All That Shines I am going to post a new lip gloss each week so when January 16th 2012 comes around there will be 52 different lip glosses on this blog and a few other 
random things that shine along the way.
First impressions are tough and so are choices but this gloss wand makes both of those things 6x easier.
I got it as a gift and when I saw it the first thing I thought was how is it going to fit in my pocket? Then I thought the colours were going to run out fast, but they haven't and who ever actually ever uses a whole tube of lip gloss? This 6 coloured sparkly wand was from Sephora.

My blog link- www.lovethatlipgloss.blogspot.com


n.l.hazard said...

That's a cool picture!

Linda said...

I'm not a glossy girl myself but I can appreciate those who are! Good luck in your new blogging adventure!

dfinlay0108 said...

What a great writer you are Chloe! I am looking forward to seeing how you shine.